Ana Ivanovic

You know the girl knows what she wants when at just five-years-old, Ana Ivanovic saw a telephone number advertising a tennis clinic on tv, memorized it and begged her parents no end to put her into class.

Now 21, the Serbian represents a new breed of women's tennis players promising to enthrall and entertain like how Billie Jean King and Martina Navratilova did in years gone by.

Nobody really remembers the losers in the final but for Ivanovic, it is probably a different tale. Still nowhere near the peak of her career, Ivanovic has already played in three Grand Slam finals, losing to Justine Henin at the 2007 French Open and at the 2008 Australian Open, Ivanovic lost to fellow court charmer Maria Sharapova in Melbourne.

Her French Open win in 2008 not only made her Serbia's first ever female Grand Slam champion but also took her to the world no 1 spot.

And like Sharapova, Ivanovic is another marketer's dreamboat. Blessed with sweet girl-next-door good looks, Ivanovic is not short of suitors eager to bolster a bank account that is already crossed the US$5 million mark.