MSN Sports 30 Hottest Sportswomen

There are plenty of good reasons why we love watching female athletes in action: skill, poise, a winning mentality, or even better, have it all and still look like a million bucks at the end of the day.

We at MSN Sports decided to put in a little dedication of our own, and drew up a list of the 30 hottest sportswomen of today. We could have easily gone to 100, and were faced with tons of tough choices. Physical attractiveness was ultimately the number one requirement for inclusion, though we did also consider how each individual was faring in her career as well.

But just who is the fairest of them all? We are leaving this to you, the MSN user, to decide. Throughout this week, you'll get a chance to size up each nominee by scrolling through the photo gallery and vote for your favourite, as many times as you like.

We've dished out the babes, now the ball's in your court. Vote away.