Top 10 worst goalkeepers to ever play in the BPL (AP File Photo/Getty Images)

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Imagine this: you're the starting goalkeeper for one of the biggest clubs in the world, and your own fans don't even like you. Yup, that's the case for Manuel Almunia. He was originally brought in to replace Jens Lehmann, but he quickly found himself being third choice at Arsenal, behind Lukasz Fabiański and Wojciech Szczesny. And there's a pretty good reasons for that too: his inconsistency, poor judgement calls and constant silly mistakes single-handedly took Arsenal out of some crucial games over the years, and some fans would say the title too. Almunia is not really liked at the Emirates - some even called him the worst goalkeeper ever, and we dare to say no other goalies in Premier League history has so many offensive nicknames as Almunia does.


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