21 December 2012 14:46
Best Sports Photos This Week


Baseball (© Victor Gerardo Ruiz Garcia/Reuters)
  • Club World Cup (© Toshifumi Kitamura/AFP/Getty Images)
  • Club World Cup (© Koji Sasahara/AP)
  • Corinthians (© Joao Castellano/Reuters)
  • NFL (© Jim Young/Reuters)
  • Baseball (© Victor Gerardo Ruiz Garcia/Reuters)
  • AFF Suzuki Cup (© Wong Maye-E/AP)
  • AFF Suzuki Cup (© Edgar Su/Reuters)
  • To Byron and Back (© Daniel Munoz/Reuters)
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Men of Maya descent play baseball during a game between two villages in Oxkutzcab December 16, 2012. December 21 marks the end of an age in a 5,125 year-old Maya calendar, an event that is variously interpreted as the end of days, the start of a new era or just a good excuse for a party. Thousands of New Age mystics, spiritual adventurers and canny businessmen are converging on ancient ruins in southern Mexico and Guatemala to find out what will happen.


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