Headlined by players like Shahril Ishak, Hariss Harun, and fast-rising goalkeeper Izwan Mahbud, the LionsXII got a winning boost before their Malaysia Super League debut.

By beating Johor FC 1-0 in a friendly on Wednesday, January 4, the LionsXII are allowing themselves to begin with a victory, and hopefully a boost in confidence.

Of course, they did lose 3-2 on Saturday night against the same team, so it may be too early to see if the friendly tie between Johor and Singapore are a true indication of how the LionsXII will do.

However, with V. Sundramoorthy helping lead the team, a number of whom took part in the 5-3 thrashing of Malaysia in the first leg of the World Cup qualifier in July, it wouldn't be out of order for local fans to have hopes.

Obviously, the LionsXII can't compare to the legendary squad that took part in 1994, Singapore's last Malaysia Cup. That team included legends like Fandi Ahmad, Abbas Saad, Alistair Edwards, and Malek Awab.

Still, after over a decade and a half, the LionsXII are holding onto a mixed bag of expectations. Some people expect either success or failure, though most are probably unsure of how Singapore will do.

How do you think Singapore will fare in their return to the Malaysia Super League? Will there be challenges, or will the LionsXII be able to reach the top five? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!