More than 100,000 fans of the two Madrid teams filled their rival stadiums in the Spanish capital and millions more watched in bars and homes across the country, tracking the live action 600 kilometres (370 miles) away in Libson.

When Atletico centre Diego Godin's scored in the 36th minute, crowds in the home Vicente Calderon stadium roared in delight, drowning out the sound from the broadcast on giant screens.

Supporters stood up on the stands, hugged each other, jumped up and down and raised team scarves into the air as they enjoyed their first Champions League final in 40 years and prayed to win the trophy for the first time in the club's history.

"We are dominating the game, we are entering history tonight," said Alejandro Martinez 34 year old lawyer.

At Real Madrid's packed 81,000-capacity Bernabeu stadium, in an area surrounded by luxury hotels and boutiques, the crowd fell silent as their long-held dream of a 10th Champions League trophy appeared to hit a hurdle.

Atletico supporters, however, were enjoying their night.

They yelled and twirled team scarves in the air as they watched the action on four screens set up on a giant cube decorated with the team's emblem.

"This is the next best thing to being in Lisbon. The atmosphere is like during a match and you are surrounded by other people who are just as passionate about the team. You suffer together," said Raul Molina, 31, an unemployed plumber who came to the stadium from the Madrid suburb of Leganes with three friends.

"I was so anxious about the match I had trouble sleeping," he added.

Across town at Real's Bernabeu stadium, fans in meringue-white team jerseys had been hopeful before the first-half goal.

"Real Madrid is the king of Europe. Atletico Madrid did well this season, but Real Madrid rules in Europe," said Jesus Angosto, a 27-year-old office administrator who brought a paper replica of the Champions League trophy to the stadium.

Tickets cost five euros to see the match at Atletico's stadium but were free at Real Madrid.

Local authorities had planned to screen the match on Madrid's Puerta del Sol square in the historic heart of the city. They changed their minds after security warnings.

After a big win Real Madrid fans traditionally gather around a statue of the Greek goddess Cybele in front of city hall while Atletico fans head to a statue of Neptune, god of the sea, a few hundred years away.

Police fenced of both with blue metal barriers before the start of the match. Some 1,250 police are on hand to prevent clashes.

Bars around the stadiums were also packed with fans who wanted to be near their team's home base but preferred not no watch from inside the stadium.

"There is too much confusion inside the stadium. My wife did not want me to watch the match at home, she says I make too much noise, so I came here," said Jesus Lozano, a 54-year-old public servant as he had a beer inside a bar near Atletico's stadium just as the match was about to start.