The bragging over which Munich club has the most sex appeal started when 1860's new CEO Markus Rejek boasted "1860 has much more sex than Bayern!" at his club's training camp in Turkey last month.

While 1860, nicknamed 'the Lions' and founded 40 years before their neighbours, can claim to have a longer history, Bayern can claim five European Cups and a record 23 domestic titles compared to the Lions' single German crown.

If success is the yardstick for sex appeal, then Rejek's comments would be blown out of the water.

It is 10 years since 1860 last played in the Bundesliga and even with Bayern again running away with this season's league title, chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge could not resist a flirty reply, despite an initial "no comment" from the club.

"More girls and women come to watch Bayern games than go to 1860 matches, that should prove we are the sexier club," said the 58-year-old.

Ever the gentleman, Bayern coach Pep Guardiola said it would be 'super' if eighth-placed 1860 won promotion back to Germany's top flight and both Munich clubs could cohabit the Bundesliga.

"Until now, I have only felt the rivalry between Bayern and Borussia Dortmund, not between us and 1860," said the ex-Barcelona coach.

"Normally, there is a stronger rivalry between two teams in the same city.

"For the city and for the atmosphere it would be super if 1860 were promoted."

Not least because, as 1860 midfielder Dominik Stahl claimed: "A real Munich resident is a Lions fan, 1860 is more the club which everyone can identify with".