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Putin says 'chose Sochi site myself'

Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed that he personally selected the site of the Sochi Olympic Games which open in the southern resort in four days.

Putin says 'chose Sochi site myself'

Russian President Vladimir Putin visits the mountain Laura Cross Country and Biathlon Centre near the Black Sea resort of Sochi on January 3, 2014 - by Alexei Nikolsky

Putin made the comment in a highly reverential documentary made by Russian state television, excerpts of which were broadcast late on Sunday night and which will be shown in full after the Games opening ceremony on February 7.

He also claimed that International Olympic Committee members had backed Russia's 2007 bid to host the Games as they supported "today's Russia".

"It is particularly nice for me to see what is happening here as I chose this place personally," Putin said immodestly as the documentary showed him skiing down the slopes at the Olympic alpine centre of Krasnaya Polyana.

"In 2001 or 2002 I came in in my little UAZ (Russian jeep) and we went around here, came out at this river and I said 'let's begin here'," said Putin, wearing a jacket adorned with his name "V.V. Putin".

In the film, inexplicably titled "The Philosophy of the Soft Way", Putin also recalled the bidding process that led in 2007 to Russia being granted the right to host the Games in Sochi.

Putin has personally spearheaded both the bid and organising of the Winter Games and few Olympics after World War II have been so linked with the name of one individual.

He said that "Not just one but many" IOC members after hearing the various bids said they would support Russia because "'we support today's Russia and we want to support her. We need such a country.'"

He said that the IOC had also seen that in Russia the Olympic movement enjoys genuine support among the population and this was also a "very decisive factor".

He said that Russia as a country "has no competitors". But he added: "Russia has just one competitor -- herself."

The Winter Olympics will be closely scrutinised around the world as a test of Russia's ability to hold a major events amid concerns that security and human rights controversies could overshadow the sporting competition.

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