Monday, 21 May 2012 13:38 | By Tom Fortune, contributor (MSN Her)

11 body-sculpting foods

Your mind might be ready for the beach, but is your body? If not, then don’t panic, there is still time to tighten and tone before you have to slip into that bikini.

11 body-sculpting foods (© Getty)

Sculpting a physique that is ready to be shown off in public is all about burning off fat while building lean muscle.

Fitness trainer and nutritionist Marek Doyle says: "To tighten and tone, you must achieve two things; the first is to sculpt muscle fibres, the second is to burn fat around them. The one class of food that supports both these endeavours is protein, which boosts the metabolic rate. Consuming protein early in the day and then at three-hour intervals is your best bet to support the maintenance of muscle and destruction of fat. A typical 60kg woman should aim for at least 100g of protein per day."


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