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Celebrity fitness hang-ups: Desmond Tan

Want to know how your favourite stars stay in shape? Or do they even? In this new weekly column exploring the active side of celebs’ lives, we suss out their habits, secrets (some dirty), plus a couple of their old stories. We start with who else but resident beefcake Desmond Tan

Desmond Tan

Sports you did in school

Soccer and kayaking.

One sport you’re good at

Soccer. I've been playing as goalkeeper since secondary school, and participated in various soccer tournaments.

Why goalkeeper?

I started playing as a goalkeeper because I enjoyed spoiling strikers’ glorious moment. Saving shots at critical timings and during penalties are times when I can be showy. I love being the hero.

One sport you're bad at

I’m generally weak at sports that involves bats, rackets, clubs etc.

When were you fittest?

I was fittest when I was serving my National Service as a commando. The daily intense training kept me at my fitness peak.

When were you unfit-est?

I was most unfit during days when I had to juggle my acting work, school and business.

Favourite exercise haunts

The road. I cycle everywhere and enjoy exploring new routes.

Favourite exercise partner (ahem Rebecca ahem)

I’m a loner when it comes to exercise. Not because I like to but it is hard to have a exercise partner due to the irregularity of my working hours.

Favourite healthy recipe

Boiled and mildly flavored bean sprouts.

Food indulgences

Dark chocolates and ice cream.

Foods you avoid

Overly oily food.

Secret tips to keeping fit

Consistency in exercising and a balanced diet.

Most ridiculous diet plan you’ve attempted

When I was filming A Song to Remember, I needed to keep a lean and muscular physique as a invincible rickshaw puller. I was on ‘clean diet’ for four months and an intense exercise regime. By clean diet, I mean no oil and sugar. I had boiled chicken breast, hardboiled eggs, boiled vegetables, dry muesli, roasted almonds… and the boring list goes on. By intense exercise regime, I mean two 1 to 1.5-hour exercise slots per day.

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