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Celebrity fitness hang-ups: Shane Pow

Want to know how your favourite stars stay in shape? Or do they even? In this weekly column exploring the active side of celebs’ lives, we suss out their habits, secrets (some dirty), plus a couple of their old stories. Today we sit down with cute up-and-coming hunk Shane Pow

Shane Pow

One sport you’re good at

I'm good in basketball. I was part of my school as well as the national youth basketball teams.

When were you fittest?

When I was preparing for Manhunt 2011.

Favourite exercise haunts

Usually I'll go to the gym because it has everything I need.

Favourite exercise partners

My close friends that I gym together with because they will push me to my limits every session.

Favourite healthy recipes

Roasted chicken salad with avocado and French dressing. Usually I'll add in cherry tomatoes, olives, pumpkin, nuts, avocado. Mix it together with roasted chicken breast and drizzle a bit of fat-free French dressing and it's delicious!

Food indulgences

I cannot resist bread. Especially croissants and baguettes!

Foods you avoid

Anything that is deep fried or high in fats such as pork belly.

Secret tips to keeping fit

The biggest secret is... consistency! Make it a point to exercise at least three times a week to keep fit and stay in shape.

Most ridiculous diet plan you’ve attempted

I've been on a strict high-protein low-carb diet for two-plus months. Everyday I'd eat at most four slices of wholemeal bread and at least 1kg of steamed/boiled chicken breast with no extra seasoning.

One instance in your life you felt pressure to stay in shape

When I was filming The Recruit Diaries, I felt the constant pressure to stay in shape because my character in the show is supposed to be the fittest among all of us. I also have to be prepared to go topless in some scenes hence I had to be ready anytime during the three months of filming.

Most physically demanding activity you’ve done

Also in The Recruit Diaries, there was this scene where I had to do chin-ups in the army FBO (Full Battle Order) with a dummy rifle. In total I think I had an additional 4kg on me and I had to do chin-ups in the background. Because it was a wide shot and everyone could be seen, I had to do it properly. I remember in total I did more than 30 chin-ups because of NGs!

Favourite part of your body

Has to be my legs. Some people think they're too skinny but I love it because I can wear slim-fit jeans and berms and look good in it!

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