14 January 2014 11:30 | By Frankie Mullin
Fit, not thin: Your new health and fitness mantra

Forget quick-fix diets - these celebs know that healthy living starts with an active routine

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It's time to rip up that list of 'fat/carbs/calories consumed today' and step away from the meal-substitute shake, as the latest trend in the quest to be body beautiful puts the focus well and truly on fitness, not thinness.

Happily, a growing number of celebrities are pledging their allegiance to this super-fit over super-skinny movement, eschewing the ultra-thin look in favour of looking trim, toned and even athletic. Whilst veterans like Madonna have been trail-blazers, defying stereotypes by displaying some serious muscle, others such as Beyoncé and Cameron Diaz are now defining a physical femininity that is not weak or frail, but instead powerful and energetic. And they're having some serious fun in the process, whether they chose to stay in shape via running, hiking, tennis, paddle boarding, pilates, hockey, cycling or dancing.

Looking for your 'fit not thin-spiration'? Check out our gallery of sporty celebs by clicking through the images above.


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