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Trailblazers rattled by snake in locker room

Were the Portland Trailblazers rattled, literally, before their 114-97 loss to the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday?

Trailblazers rattled by snake in locker room

File picture for illustration shows a Mojave rattlesnake (L) in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 17, 2010 - by Ethan Miller

A snake -- the Trailblazers think it was a rattler -- turned up in the locker of their reserve forward Thomas Robinson before the match, ESPN reported.

Robinson said he had only seen snakes on the Discovery Channel until now. "I was scared," he said. "I ain't gonna lie, I was scared."

He said he screamed and lept "about five feet high and 20 feet back."

Reserve guard Will Barton, Robinson's neighbor in the locker room, says he himself kept calm while hopping up on a chair.

There was all kinds of commotion until "our brave trainers," caught the critter. 

A Spurs official said the snake was determined to be non-poisonous before being safely released back into the wild, ESPN said.

The snake was black and white, the Spurs' colors, Robinson noted. 

ESPN said rumor has it that Spurs shooting guard Danny Green collects snakes.

"That's the No. 1 suspect right there," Barton said with a laugh.

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